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Cyber   Monday

Heavenly Service, LLC is prepared to successfully provide you with virtual services, coaching, and support at discounted costs. Cyber Monday provides you with what you needed at a great value. 

 This session will allow your the opportunity to implement strategic processes for your business, including but not limited to; price points, increasing target audience connections, generating sales for products and services, and growing social platforms.

This service provides you with the state incorporation, compliance documents, policies and procedures, federal application, startup consultation, funding consultation, state fees, federal fees, bylaws, and board development support.

The class provides you with extensive knowledge that teaches you the types of nonprofit funding, building the nonprofit program, finding the grants, and what it takes to get awarded.

This coaching session walks you step by step in receiving business grants and securing business funding.

This session covers the following: Tax exemption setup, development, and funding.

This appointment gets you the intake assessment for your business structure creation. The service will include your structure of choice, state fees, and compliance documents.