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Nonprofit Organizations

At Heavenly Service, LLC we believe that all nonprofit organizations should be cultivated in such a way that embodies their vision while simultaneously conquering the mission.

The Goal

Our goal is to educate, coach, and consult members of an entity to function at its highest level of excellence. We build a space that assists nonprofit organizations to increase community impact and connectivity within its level of service. We focus on strategies that ensures compliance, builds sustainability, and strengthens the aid given to its target audience.

We take on the processes with the methodology that it is better to teach you to fish opposed to constantly fishing for you. This ensures profitability to an organization's existence. Let us help you start, grow, and sustain your nonprofit organization.

Are you ready to increase your community impact & connection? If so, we are ready to serve you.

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Holding Hands
City Business Meeting

A Coaching Group For Nonprofits In Need Of Funding

The program is 8 weeks long and  runs from April 24th through June 24th

It is an exclusive virtual coaching group for nonprofit organizations in the United States who are ready to be funded. Only 25 participants will be allowed. Early bird registration is $799 per organization until March 4th and the regular investment is $999.

The group will discuss the following topics:

  • Compliance

  • Writing Program Initiatives

  • Executive A Funding Plan

  • Creating A Sponsorship Package

  • Getting Donations

  • Finding Grants.

  • Grant Writing A to Z

  • Federal Contracting

  • Service Based Organizing

  • Measuring Impact

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We offer, but are not limited to the following services:

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Tax Exemption Preparation

This service is  assist founders with the creation of a nonprofit organization and the support of becoming tax exempt. This service provides you with paperwork and an in-depth understanding of the nonprofit process.

Women in Jewelry Workshop

15 Step Start Up Consultation

Learn how to start your very own nonprofit organization and become exempt. This process teach DIY support educate clients at a novice level and provides knowledge on providing community based support tailor made and specific to their  The session can be in person, web based, or via a phone call.

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Strategy Coaching

Having clarity, direction, and a strategic plan is essential for a successful organization to thrive. Let our nonprofit strategy session assist you create a plan that gets you funded. This 180 minute session can be via phone, web based virtual conference, or in person.

Business Meeting

Borrow My Brain

Have questions? Need to pick the brain of an expert? This Borrow My Brain Coaching Session allows clients to get the answers to the questions they have about building, growing, or funding their nonprofit organization. 

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