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Welcome to our service store. Heavenly Service, LLC provides printed downloads that enhances business and nonprofit processes. These tools support the startup and growth process. We have the right product to assist your business/nonprofit needs. 

Steps Of The Startup Workbook

Learn to start your very own nonprofit organization for a low cost. This interactive workbook style tool kit provides aspiring nonprofit organizations wit extensive information and tools for start up. It provides users a step by step guide to starting a nonprofit organization and becoming a tax exempt organization. Learn how to start and grow your organization by building a foundation that is sustainable and prepares you to get funded. 

Make It Plain Workbook

Have you started your nonprofit and want to get funded? Well nonprofits don't get funded, the programs they run do. Write a winning program utilizing this interactive guide. This workbook provides you with a step by step process to build you a program worthy of getting funded. Your grants will be in the running for approval with using this process to write them. When you have completed this guide, you will have an extensive program process with information that you can submit to a funder and help you win the grant.

Handle Your Business   Workbook

Welcome to the Handle Your Business Start Up Kit. We prepared this kit to help you build a business that is both purposeful and profitable. It is our intention to help new and existing entrepreneurs create a strategy that assist them in serving their target clients successfully. The workbook has 3 main components; idea, planning, and execution.
This book covers the following process:


  1. Research

  2. Business Plan

  3. Funding 

  4. Name

  5. Structure

  6. State Registration

  7. State & Federal Id's

  8. Permits

  9. Bank Account 

  10. Running Your Business

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